Field recordings from my adventures talking with cab drivers

June 21, Newark, NJ

“Walk like a duck. Swelling the foot like an elephant. Give the birth one foot in the cemetery, one foot in the bed. Six foot jump like a monkey. Cry like a donkey. When you got the baby, then you know this one. Always a hard job and the female do it.”

Recorded by Jody Avirgan.

June 6, Washington DC


"When the government wants to screw you, there are some people who can force the government to do the right thing. Have you heard of the actuaries?"

June 4, Washington DC

Listen! “It’s hard. First of all, the people, they don’t respect you as a human. They respect you as a trash, low-class.”

June 3, Washington DC


"The most autocratic dictatorships are basically supported all these years by the U.S. But when times comes, when times comes, they try to keep them. But when times come, United States slightly gets out of the way. You know the sugar cane? You squeeze it, enjoy the taste. After that you throw it. Just like that. So I cannot exclude the United States from any politics whether democracy or dictatorship. If you want to be a politician in Africa or anywhere, you have to be a friend of the United States, otherwise you don’t have life. It doesn’t matter if you are democratic or working for truth, justice, it doesn’t matter. The trick is you have to be U.S. friend."

June 2, Washington DC


"Every person they got their different opinions on different topics. Some people they are for, some people they are against."

May 22, New Orleans


"If you wouldn’t kill everybody to begin with, maybe you wouldn’t have to be so responsible! That’s my feeling."

April 20, Washington DC


"It creates chaos because people want to make the drivers laborers. The government has made the cab industry, the transportation industry legit."

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